Gutter Cleaning Fullham SW6 1

Gutter Cleaning Fullham SW6

Rain Water Guttering Down Pipe Blockage
Debris washed into down pipe resulting in blockage
Over flowing guttering caused by blocked down pipe
Pipe Disconected to clear blockage

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Recent visit to a customers property in Fulham SW6 – South West London. Customer described gutters over flowing and running water down wall in to basement. There was slso damp internally.

As you can see from the photos there was a blockage in the down pipe conected to the running outlet.

The blockage has been cleared and pipe reconnected, we also clean and clear all the guttering on gne property.

This year wd have noticed an increased trend in blocked guttering anx down pipes, this is a rezult of tbe very dry summer we have had. Rain water assists with washing debris through the gutters, during long dry periods debris builds up, then when we have s heavy down pourthis washes the debris through the gutters and then clogges up in the running outlet and down pipe.

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Debris build up in rainwater hopper washed in from roof gutter