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Coronavirus covid 19 Tradesmen Services 1

Coronavirus Covid 19 Tradesmen Services Update

Firstly we would like to state as with the expectations of all citizens, visitors, residents we fully accept the all measures put in place by the Government, Public Health England and The World Health Organisation, reducing the spread of virus is a must and we all have our part to to do to reduce overall impact the virus has on our NHS and to Save Lives.

Over the last week or so many companies in including large corporations SME and standalone small businesses have taken the decision to voluntarily shut down their front line operations in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus, For many of the companies this will have huge financial bearing on their business despite the Governments financial help. The financial impact on all these businesses will last far longer than the pandemic its self, therefore we must thank these businesses for taking the courageous steps in uncertain times.

The above developments bring in to the frame a moral dilemma for all businesses and what they should do to help reduce the spread of virus. This includes many self employed people and small businesses.

Self employed and employed tradesmen provide services to commercial residential, government and public property’s across the UK. Essential maintenance, repairs and safety checks are provided to ensure the properties and amenities within them function correctly and safely.

At a time when a large proportion of the UK are being told they must stay at home, the amenities within your home become vital for your well-being and safety.

Hot running water to keep clean and follow the ever more important hygiene standards.
Gas, electric, heating, plumbing and drainage are all essential to keep your home functioning correctly, safely and comfortable to stay at home in. A dry damp and leak free property is essential again to the health and well-being of the occupants

The above is also true for commercial, government and public buildings including hospitals, health care centres, care homes, doctors practices, supermarkets, food retailers, pharmacies, schools and many other properties that need to continue to operate safely without interruption.

With the above said our UK tradesmen Services provide an essential service and need to continue during the Corona-virus Covid 19 pandemic is clear to see.

As of the 24 March 2020 the government has put no restrictions on people travelling to work, tradesmen obviously travel between work places to carry out their duties.

London Roof and Guttering will continue to provide our essential property maintenance services and will continue to follow the guidance from the Government, Public Health England and WHO (World Health Organisation). We have put additional measures and procedures in place to minimise the risk of the spread of virus and all our service technicians and partners have been fully briefed on these standards.

Importantly we would like to take this opportunity say a massive thank to all NHS workers across the UK and particularly NHS workers in the Greater London Area where the impact of the pandemic in the UK has hit the hardest.

On behalf of the London Roof and Guttering and our tradesmen services I thank you for all your efforts and putting you own health and well-being second to that of helping those who have unfortunately became victims of this terrible virus.

Lastly on behalf of London Roof and Guttering and all tradesmen services across the UK
Thank you for your continued support and custom.

If you require any further information regarding our services and the procedures we are taking to prevent the spread of virus please get in touch with us using the form below