My roof only has algae on it, should I still get it cleaned?

Whilst in general algae may not damage your roof as much as moss or lichen, many homeowners are astounded how much better their home and roof looks after it has been cleaned. Not only does it receive this aesthetic bonus, but your house also becomes more attractive for any prospective buyers.

It’s not important to me how my roof looks,I’m not looking sell my property, why should I get it cleaned?

Not cleaning your roof will result in more lichen, algae and moss growth which can take years off your roof’s overall lifespan, Excessive growth can lift and/or dislodge tiles allowing water ingress. Poor maintenance of may result in you having to purchase an expensive new roof when you otherwise didn’t want or could afford too!

Can I pressure wash or clean my own roof?

London Roof Clean strongly advise against cleaning your own roof. Not only is it a lengthy process, it can also be dangerous for those not properly trained or qualified to do so, your roof can be severely damaged by the intense power of the water from the pressure washer without proper equipment and expertise. London Roof Clean’s team are competent technicians with many years experience working on roofs, working at heights and using pressure washing equipment.

I only have a bit of moss on my roof, how long will it take to deteriorate further?

Whilst you could slow down the growth of moss yourself, inevitably the growth will continue. Moss, algae and lichen spores are not visible to the naked eye in their early stages of development, so even though you may only be able to see a little bit, it could already be widespread.

Will the pressure washer damage my tiles?

London Roof Clean use a pressure washer with variable pressure settings ensuring no damage to your tiles. In some cases, where pointing on the ridges are aged, they may break off, but we repoint ridges if necessary.

My roof is really old, many tiles are broken and the roof leaks. Will this service be of use to me?

London Roof Clean would advise against any cleaning in this situation. If you have leaks we recommend you have a roofer look at that first, he can then advise you on whether it would be in your interest to have the roof relaid. Our service is to maintain and refresh your roof and shouldn’t be used as a quick fix.

How long will my roof take to clean?

That totally depends on the size and shape of your roof. But to give you an idea, a standard 3 bed semi would take two men a day to clean and treat. If the ridges are in a bad way it may take a second day.

How do we clean off the moss and dirt?

London Roof Clean provide a range of cleaning packages that use different methods primarily we dry clean the roof to remove algae, moss and lichens this can be followed by a wash using a pressure washer to clean and remove dirt and stains.

Surely the moss will fly all over the place, will you cover my flower beds?

It is likely that debris cleaned from your roof will fall onto surrounding areas, London Roof Clean take pride in the way we work and will cover any areas we deem necessary. All surrounding will be cleaned up and debris put into rubble sacks before we leave.

How do you prevent algae, moss and lichen returning?

London Roof Clean use a biocide that kills all spores preventing re-growth, eventually spores will return resulting in growth of algae moss and lichens however this usually will take 3-4 years or 5+ if you have chose to seal your roof.

Does the coating waterproof the tile?

Depending on what coating you choose, yes and no. The colour coating is the same paint you would use on exterior walls and is not waterproof. The clear sealer is an acrylic coating, and is fully waterproof.

Do you water down the roof coating?

London Roof clean always follow the manufacturers guidelines and will only add water if instructed to, but in most cases we do not add water. t has been know for less reputable Roof Cleaning Companies to add water resulting in paint / sealer not adhering to the tile correctly, meaning it washed off! Be careful on who you choose, to clean and coat your roof.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a 5 year guarantee if you have your roof coated with either a clear sealer or a colour coating. Our guarantee isn’t as long as many other companies, but we will only offer a guarantee that we can uphold. How can you offer a 15 year guarantee on an exterior paint that you have not used for 15 years?

Are you insured?

Yes! Our company and all employees have full public and employees liability up to Five million, say the worst happens. Please just ask and we will send you a copy.

Where are you based?

Our head office is based in Chiswick London, we carry out work anywhere in the greater London Area and surrounding Counties. No matter how big or small the job is, contact us!